Namely in all domains of our distinguished import-export and wholesale product-range where we treat with salami, hams, cheeses, bread, antipasti, pasta, chocolate and hazelnut specialities and some more very special gourmet-products.

Our exclusive products are well and over years selected such as:

Selection Rolf Beeler cheeses

Prunotto Mariangela Hazienda Agricola, antipasti, pasta sauces, pesto, jams, tomato-products

Relanghe, piemontese hazelnuts I.G.P., sweet truffles, torrone, panettone

Joseph's-bread, organic sour dough bread manufactured close to vienna

Sanlac, french mousse, patés, terrines

All these products and brands you won´t find at discounters or low-price supermarkets because they have a complete different philosophy.

Experience is not all you need but in our business a necessity to choose products with regional characters and good taste.

Tradition at Rommelspacher got a deep sense.

If we say that, we would express that extraordinary top-qualities are not just to be found every day at any place from any people.

No matter if the subject is the very famous original Parma-ham from the Reggio Emilia, french ham from the Pyrenees in the south-west of France, spanisch hams from Teruel in the north-east of Spain or Black Forest ham in the south-west of Germany, it is agreed:

Quality needs to grow, keeping traditons in harmony with regional peculiarity and characters. This is how to get unique and typical taste , which makes these great products so special and rare.

At Rommelspacher you buy qualities which are born and grown in our long history. Since more than 40 years we import and do our business. We know the producers and keep in touch with them, some highly estimated friendships rised in these years and every now and than we got the chance to influence the development of products and quality.

We know that our business needs idealism and we love to put this idealism into our business with the perception that love to and appreciation of the product is the basic of our actual success in this market.

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